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Better than British Council
Cayet MathiasBusiness English Intermediate Level
I enjoyed studying with my trainer very much. She is a great teacher, very active, high expectation and always smiling. I learned alot and at the same time had fun studying.
Johanna BergerConversational Mandarin Beginner Level
Saya Suka Datang Ke Kelas! I have learnt alot from Guru Candy. The material and content learnt are certainly very helpful in real life. My purpose for learning Bahasa Indonesia is to use it as a business language in the future. After attending 12 classes, I am able to comfortably introduce myself during interviews and using Indonesian and the interviewers were pretty impressed. I will definitely recommend the centre to all people who are interested in Bahasa Indonesia
Zhong YingyiBahasa Indonesia Beginner Level
I really enjoy this class. I think we all are the same level. Nobody is better than anyone. I've really worried that who is better than me especially in speaking. I worried I cannot talk back if they have good communication. I really seriously about that before I join the class. Now, I don't feel like that. All are very convenience. Sir Gerard is also very patient. I think, my choice is correct. Thank you.
Zin Mar HtayBusiness English Pre-Intermediate Level

Crystal Learning has extensive experience in providing corporate language courses to companies. There are numerous way to train. It can be either one on one, where training can be highly customised according to the individual needs of the person, or we can have staff train in small groups, and raise their language ability to a target standard.

Corporate language training classes can be held in company’s premises or in our centres. Tell us your requirements, and we will customise a course to meet your learning objectives.

Who should attend?
- Front office staff who are required to communicate with customers and suppliers.
- People committed to learning and able to make time available regularly to attend all the training.
- People whose language levels and needs enable them to be matched together in compatible groups.

Course programme
A language audit is carried out by Crystal Learning staff based on our own language competence levels chart. This will help you to decide your training needs and objectives. We will then advise on suitable group sizes with the same language level and learning objectives such as business writing skills, or speaking on the phone. The recommended group size is between six to eight students. The length of each course will depend on your training objectives.

End of class report
Progress test and reports are provided at regular intervals, normally after each complete block of lessons.