Crystal Learning has extensive experience in providing corporate language courses to companies. There are numerous way to train. It can either be one on one, where training can be highly customised according to the individual needs of the personor we have the staff train together in small groups to raise the level of their language ability to a target standard.

Corporate language training classes can be held in company's premises or in our centres. Just let us know your requirements, and we will customise a course to meet your learning objectives. 

Who should attend?

- Front office staff who are required to communicate with customers and suppliers.
- people committed to learning and able to make time available regularly to attend all the training.
- people whose language levels and needs enable them to be matched together in compatible groups.

Course programme
A language audit is carried out by Crystal Learning staff based on our own language competence levels chart. This will help you to decide the training needs and objectives. We will then advise on suitable group sizes with the same language level and learning objectives such as business writing skills, or speaking on the phone. The recommended group size is between six to eight students. The length of each course will depend on your training objectives. 

End of class report
Progress test and reports are provided at regular intervals, normally after each complete block of lessons.

Business Mandarin

For professionals who wish to do business effectively in China.

Bahasa Indonesia

For professionals who travels to Indonesia for work.

Korean Language Course

Whether for business or leisure, you'll find more uses for the Korean language through our highly skilled trainers in Singapore.

Conversational Mandarin

What you need to start speaking Chinese as soon as humanly possible

Business English Writing Courses

To gain a solid foundation in writing Business English to people from around the World.

Comprehensive English Courses - Conducted by

Business English Course

Business English course helps those who need to communicate better in English at work, by teaching a range of business communication skills.

Basic English Course

The course covers the basic with a strong focus on grammar with a clear vocabulary syllabus. Useful if you are a beginner.